Events Manager Trial

Welcome to the Trial Site of Events Manager Pro

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 Differences in this trial version vs. your own site.

This is a WordPress MultiSite installation setup which allows you to register a blog which contains most of the features available to you on your own site except for a few settings options:

  • Network Options (e.g. sharing events from different blogs across the whole network)
  • Email Settings
  • User Capabilities (defaults)
    • Subscribers can submit events/locations and manage bookings, they can’t publish events directly.
    • Contributors can directly publish their events/locations.
    • Editors upwards can do it all.
  • Image size restrictions (i.e. what users can upload)

Additionally, there’s a few further restrictions, given that this site is only for testing purposes:

  • and PayPal gateways are forced into Sandbox/Test Mode (see below for more details)
  • Your blog will be blocked to search engines (spammers be gone!)
  • After 7 days your username, blog and events will be automatically deleted.

Making Test Payments (Credit Card)
Below are some test card card numbers you can use to make a payment using the AIM gateway. Provide any future expìry date.

American Express Test Card: 370000000000002
Visa Test Card: 4007000000027
CCV (both): 123

You can make a dummy payment on PayPal if you create your own sandbox account to test this booking form at You should create a test seller and buyer account, and set up your gateway using the seller account email.

When booking, make sure you remain logged into the sandbox whilst submitting this booking and use your test buyer account to pay.


If you have any questions regarding the use of Events Manager, after reading our documentation pages please use our forums: